Jen Levear
Technical Director, Carpenter, Technician
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Jen Levear has been working backstage in Portland theatre since 2007. She works at Lake Oswego Junior High, Lake Oswego High School, and Riverdale High School as the Drama department's Technical Director and Scenic Designer. In the fall months she is a technical staff member for Fright Town, Portland's #1 haunted attraction.

Her skills include: construction as a scenery carpenter, special effects skills as a technician, and management as assistant technical director. She has been involved in helping various theatrical companies in the Portland area throughout the years including; Lakewood Theatre Co, Stumptown stages, Third Rail Repertory Theatre, Pixie Dust Productions, Profile Theatre Company, Bag & Baggage Productions and Broadway Rose, as well as many other smaller scenery and lighting projects each year.

Jen's main skills are; woodworking, carpentry, management, and drafting. But she has also been involved in welding, installing and operating mechanical moving scenery, installing systems for flying performers, and pyrotechnics along with live fire onstage.
Jen has also worked on several productions as a crew captain along with being a stagehand, flyrail operator, all-around production technician, and assistant stage manager. She also has experience in sound, recording, and mixing. Along with lighting experience with a variety of instruments and systems.